This beautiful and attractive place in Dubai Safari Park opens in December 2017 to replace the oldest Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah that has been operating since 50 years ago. Animals were also imported from Asia, America, Africa, etc. The park was upgraded at an estimated cost of $ 270 million with an area of ​​119 hectares and 2500+ animals.


Dubai Safari park was closed 5 months after it was launched for maintenance and is still closed. There is no day of preparation available when Dubai Safari Park will receive visitors.

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Dubai Safari Location – Al Warqa 5, Dubai
Opening time: 9am to 7 PM. (Ticket sales at 5pm or at the park’s reach)
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Discover one of Dubai’s most sophisticated wildlife park and see 2500+ animals in one place surrounded by an area of ​​119 Hectare. Dubai Safari wildlife Park has great fun for families and groups who are determined to enjoy the real life of Jungle in Dubai. make a trip now and get your reservation as soon as you call us on 0097154 3940767

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Dubai Safari Park is a youth attraction in Dubai and has a home for more than 3,000 animals and more to come.

Fixing Dubai Zoo with its 1,000 animals, Dubai Safari Park is spread over 119 hectares. The zoo aims to provide attraction and education on domestic and foreign species. A few animals have been donated from other zoos, or are being rescued for rehabilitation.

Dubai Safari Park location

Dubai Safari Park is located at Al Warqa 5 on Aweer Road within the 400-hectare region and includes Safari, Butterfly Park, golf courses, amusement and recreation areas. The park will be equipped with fresh air, cool pools, misting machines and a large theater seating 1,000 people.

Dubai Safari Park Animal List

So far the animals are moving, expect lions, tortoises, bears, bats, elephants, cheetahs, tigers and much more. Interestingly, there will be cooler rocks, cooler pools and plumbing systems built in the park to keep the animals cool during the summer months. The fence around the safari park will be 3.7 km long. There will be a large theater with a seating capacity of 1,000 people – this section will feature shows including binturong (also known as Bearcat) and raccoon.

Dubai Safari Animals

It will take about eight hours to take over the entire park, and eventually there will be a hotel on site.
In total there will be four restaurants in the park, and one of them will appear above the cheetah show.
The African continent will be home to lions, gorillas, chimps, warthogs, antelope and aviary roaming.
All summer long, the park will be open for the day only due to the heat.
The Arab city will be divided into three parts – the desert, the mountains and the steppe (meaning a large part of the world that is not very trustworthy but has many steps). This region will have activities – such as puppy search and falconry search.

Dubai Safari Park Valley

The African area will showcase both the savannah and the rain forest, and there will also be a Safari Area where visitors can ride around in a cool (air-conditioned) car on a journey that takes about an hour.

The much-anticipated wildlife park in the UAE opened to the media and invited guests on December 12 for its soft launch. What else? The park is open to everyone for free from 9am to 5pm for 14 days.

Given the African Village

Our second stop was the home of many African mammals where we watched gorillas, pygmy hippopotamuses, anacondas, and reptiles. This section could be opened during our tour but will be home to the orangutan, the pygmy elephant, the Indian horned rhino and many other animals.

Dubai Safari Park and Zoo

Dubai Safari Park replaces 50-year-old Dubai Zoo in Jumeirah, which closes its doors on a monthly basis. Outdoor animals had long been kept as pets. Some were taken by poachers or injured. The most important complaint of this wildlife park is reserved for the latter. We were taken by a cool air bus to drive to the first national crocodile-walking show and exhibition. Along the way, we saw lions, leopards, and a group of chimpanzees.

Ticket Price Safari Park Dubai

Prices range from 70 AED to 180 AED per person this Sunday, October, November and December 2018. Go for a treat and enjoy the best Dubai Safari Adventure, Live Animals and Ground Lakes.

Dubai Safari Park Time

Schedule a visit to Dubai Safari Park and go from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM and watch Watch World Largest Safari Park with 100-200 AED Individuals this Week. We believe you will never forget this memory of creating a trip.



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