Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Desert
Adventure Group.
1. What is desert Safari?
 Desert safari is a set of activities which includes Desert tour, Bedouin style camping, live performances like dancing, Traditional music, it also includes camel ride, adventure of 4×4 land cruiser, sand boarding, henna, tattoo, photo session and much more entertaining packages.
2. Why we hire Desert Adventure Group?
 You can choose Desert adventure group because it is one of the best and leading Tourism group in UAE providing best services and packages of desert safari and camping. .
3. What is Dune derive?
 Driving through the edge of the sand dune to the ground of the desert, then climb up and down through these dunes again and again and dragging on sand is known as Dune drive.
4. How can cancel or shift the booking?
 Anyone cancel the booking after 12:00 PM (before 11:59 pm on Thursday) on the previous day is clearly considered as booked and the charges will be applicable except for Friday. But customer wants to cancel the booking of Friday than must have to cancel 1 day before (before 11:59 pm on Wednesday). But cancellation for the camp private booking is only allowed 3 weeks before the camping date.
5. Under which policy these desert safari groups set the rate lists?
 Prices are subjected to change with the response of Ministry of Municipality and Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority systems and regulations.
6. What is sandboarding?
 Sandboarding is a similar sport like snowboarding. This involves the riding across the sand dune or down the sand dune while standing on the board.
7. What is a Camel ride?
 Camel riding is an old and most exciting sport of deserts. In this sport the persons ride on the camel and travel through the land of sand and enjoy the journey. You can also take snaps of these memorable moments.
8. What facilities/food items are included in camping?
 You can enjoy BBQ party, unlimited soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, shawarma, pasta you can also smoke Arabic Huqa, traditional music, dance, henna and tattoo services are also provided.
9. What is the difference between Home pick & drop and centralized pick & drop?
 Home pick & drop is through shared 4×4 land cruiser with maximum 7 passengers. Centralized pick & drop is through a shared bus or any similar vehicle with maximum 30 passengers.
10. Are the children under a certain age limit exempt from ticket?
 Yes, children under a certain age limit are exempt from ticket charges.
11. What is the age limit?
 Children under 3 years are totally free to visit the desert safari.
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