Are you in Dubai on a trip? Do you think you have seen all the beauty of Dubai’s Picnic? Yes, Dubai has many endless destinations for tourists who come to enjoy their holidays from all over the world. Speaking of new points in Dubai, IMG World Dubai suggests a list of places. IMG Dubai is one of the new attractions for families, as well as a group of friends traveling to Dubai.

Before that, let me enlighten you with all the necessary details you need to know about IMG Dubai.

What is the world of IMG Adventure?

IMG World is the world’s largest indoor theme park with 1.5 million square meters of attractions and fun activities. Do you know what IMG World stands for? See:

The most respected and diverse business based in Dubai is Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari Group (IMG Group). The Galadari family tradition continues to flourish, including a large business center dating back to the 1940’s. Over the years, the Group has been determined and determined to grow and establish a new business that has been successfully recommended internationally and internationally.


The first major regional theme park is IMG World Dubai, which includes various venues such as the Lost Valley, IMG Boulevard, Marvel, Cartoon Network, and Novo viewing areas. In IMG Dubai, all adventure areas are fully enriched with many shopping areas, rides, meeting and greeting places, movies, and dining options. With all that in mind, IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai becomes something completely different as it is one of its kind parks with some of the most exciting world travel destinations in Dubai on the basis of animation and comedy products. Therefore, IMG Dubai is designed to cater to the needs of visitors.

IMG World of Adventure

Do you have any idea why IMG World Dubai is so popular?

Let’s take a look:

Only those people who can explain the excitement and excitement of IMG World Dubai, who have had a wonderful time. IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai is currently known as the largest indoor park for all types of people in the world.

Not a few hours, but you need a few days or at least a whole day to enjoy the fun of this park. Near Global Village, it is quite easy to get to the park through a public transport network or a private transit system. With a selection and pull center, many hotels also offer shuttle services. Usually, IMG Dubai tickets are included in tourist packages as it is one of the most sought after destinations.

How Can You Get More Fun At IMG World Dubai?

Whether your trip to the IMG adventure countries in Dubai is part of your package to see Dubai or buy IMG international tickets differently, it is really important to understand how to plan this trip for a better value for money. Where can you go first? You know that the park is so big that you can’t find it full even on the weekend.

With the departure of twenty special signatures for all four adventure locations, keep guests fully entertained. The perfect combination of signature riding and adventure riding is Dinosaur Adventure or Lost Valley. You will find the equipment realistic as the scenes discover the illusion of a real Jurassic Park. In the old Cartoon Network Zone, kids can have a fun experience, where they can see the amazing creatures of Adventure Time, Power puff Girls, and Ben 10. Not only kids, but adults can also have great fun.

IMG World of Adventure

All the famous heroes gathered together in the Marvel Zone, entertaining the guests at the cinemas. The area revolves around the timeless antiquities, brought to Marvel films. Indeed, you will have an eternal experience.

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With IMG World Dubai, the entertainment never stops

Lastly, you will find goosebumps at the Hunted Hotel. This place is not for scary cats, but those who love fun can love this place. One of the most attractive places in Dubai is the IMG Worlds of Adventure Dubai.

Parking Rules and Regulations

Here are a few guest rules:

From outside the park, you cannot bring food or drink items to the theme park.
IMG Dubai ensures that people with disabilities do not face any kind of problems as they allow access to transfer of disability to ticket booths.
Outside of the Hununted Hotel, boarding restrictions are made on the basis of length not included for years. The minimum age limit is 15 years for the Haunted Hotel.

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You can have the following locations at IMG World Dubai:

The Source of Drinking
First Aid Center

Key Notes

To win the crowd, you must arrive at the park early and have plenty of time to enjoy yourself.
Plan your trip during the day of the week, as you will find it crowded compared to the weekend.
Book your tickets online to avoid any interruptions.

Before coming to the park, make sure your phone and camera are fully charged.


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