Whenever we talk about Dubai, the first thing that comes is a multi-billion dollar kingdom. However, the reality shows a big difference.

The fact is that you can have a great holiday in Dubai even if you don’t save much. From travel to accommodation, we have a list of affordable solutions. Traveling here is much cheaper because of oil prices, and accommodation is cheaper in a few palaces where luxury is of no use.

To look at the last of the figures, here are the section-specific details for your next position; Dubai:

Getting Around ( The Travel )

One of the best benefits of having a holiday spent in Dubai is its cheap travel. Oil prices are very low compared to European and Asian countries. In this way, you will see a huge difference in the cost of taxi fares compared to the international market.

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To illustrate:

A 17-mile (26-kilometer-long) trip inside Dubai costs US $ 16.50 to $ 17. With that metric, the trip goes up to one dollar for a very low mileage compared to other modern destinations. To reduce, you don’t have to invest a lot of money to get going!


After leaving, let’s talk about accommodation which is a complicated thing to discuss here. Living in Dubai, you can find palaces that can cost $$$ or more but there are a few inexpensive solutions, too. This includes EasyHotel Jebel Ali which caters to tourists around the world. They have excellent hotel rooms and enhanced features. In addition, we have the best Naif View Hotel on the market when it comes to revenue.


Finally, let’s talk about the food that Dubai is known for. Asia, Europe, and Arabia, all the most delicious food is available here but you should plan your money ahead of time. From the cheapest to the cheapest, all kinds of restaurants and hotels are available right there in Dubai. You should choose less expensive restaurants to have a cheaper solution.



In terms of money, Dubai has a well-balanced structure. “Dirham” is the only money spent everywhere. To get an idea about “Dirham”, one USD is about $ 3.67 Dirhams (calculated at the time of writing this article).

This way, whatever you buy or the money you pay, you have to split the “dirhams” by 3.67 to get your expenses in dollars. With this metric, Dubai does not seem to be as expensive as those of Qatar and Kuwait with the highest value.

Pro travelers suggest that it costs $$$ to have a week off in Dubai and it seems relatively cheap, doesn’t it?


Let’s talk about a trip to Dubai made exclusively for loving travelers like you. These include many palaces and places of great importance when it comes to history and infrastructure:

Burj Khalifa at the Top

Have you already made up your mind to look at what Dubai looks like directly from the 125th floor? Burj Khalifa trip is for you and costs only 140 dirhams per person (equivalent to $ 35 at the time of writing).

Desert Safari Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you will definitely be looking for an inexpensive Desert Safari tour, too. These trips will not cost much as the cost of living and food within the vast desert increases. However, you can book less expensive if you book in groups. There are several Desert Safari travel services; Google will also find it in your search results.

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desert safari


TV Repairing

In terms of adjustment, wages are unreasonable so we find workers and professionals looking for jobs in Dubai around the world. To put it bluntly, let’s talk about the TV fix that everyone in Dubai needs.

If you look at the hourly wage across from Dubai, repair work seems expensive but not true. We have affordable services like Repair Shop Dubai that offer several TV fixes across the country, especially in Dubai. They specialize in repair:


In terms of service costs, they have found an in-house line to help you with the rate of speed quickly. So if you are planning to make a permanent change in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about debts involving TV Repairs!



To sum up all this, Dubai is not as expensive as it looks. However, it is about the decisions you make as your choices predict your vacation in Dubai. Make sure you research the least expensive castles and then achieve your much-anticipated holiday!

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