Best Time to Visit During the summer, Dubai’s beaches are brightly lit. Therefore, it is always a good idea to visit Kite Beach during the summer as you can enjoy all the activities of the water sports in the sea. Under the open sky, you can enjoy the scorching sun as it will make your summer trip memorable.

What Not to Remember in Kite Beach?

Once you’re in Kite Beach, you can’t miss a few important and fun places to visit in the surrounding area. See:

Pope Jetski

To make some lasting memories, you should visit Popeye Jetski. Don’t forget to include this place while adding other Kite Beach Dubai activities to the list. The breath-taking water game is the best ownership of the area as a flyboard, jetski, and jetpack. Alternatively, you will find the famous fish market in Dubai near where you can buy from other Dubai marine fish.

Hero OdySea

One day, you can swear to wear a captain. Give the arms of fire in your dreams. Sailing along the iconic beach of Dubai is no less than one of its kind wishes. Try not to carry your heart in your arms.

Kitesurf School in Dubai

For those who love the art of kite search, Kitesurf School Dubai is the best place for you. All students have members in the school. In addition, they have a kitesurf frills store.

Tao Spa

In Kite Beach Dubai, where you have a lot of fun, don’t forget to visit the Tao Spa center for a fun experience. Here at the Spa Center, you will have a wonderful rejuvenation and leisure time to relax all the muscles.

Nemo Diving Center

Nemo Diving Center has been introducing a special guide for many diving partners. Beginners and professionals, both can have a scuba diving course. Children can also take advantage of this opportunity. So, if you really want to stay near Kite Beach, be sure to ask them to be trained quickly with dumpy scuba.

Jumeirah Fish Market

The newly opened fish market allows you to have a large list of freshwater fish. The most popular items in this market are Lobsters and crabs.

Activities in Kite Beach Dubai

For those who are not real beach enthusiasts, Kite Beach has a lot to do in Dubai. Let’s find out:

Enjoy Food Trucks

Plenty of food will be available on trucks with thousands of cooking utensils and dishes set aside to satisfy the hunger of every single visitor. At SALT, you will have true mouth watering burgers like a quick bite.

food truck

Run as Hard as You Can

For fitness enthusiasts, running at Kite Beach is very attractive to test your strength. Try to run as fast as you can, along a 14 km track. It is basically designed for cyclists and runners.

Skating at Skatepark

Most likely, you will never know about the Kite Beach skatepark. Here you can simply turn your dream skiing into reality.


Walk on the left side of the sea or on the right; you will see many volleyball courts all the way.

Kite Beach Day-Library

Book lovers can also enjoy Dubai Kite Beach at the library. Reading a good book under the sun is not something to be forgotten.


In the list of water projects in Kite Beach, rowing is very impressive. You can also rent swimming equipment with a paddle.

Kite Surfing

You cannot pay for a kite surfing at any cost if you visit this beach for the first time. In the sand, you can see all the water sports equipment. In conjunction with a kite paddle, you can enjoy boarding with everything ready to charge you and get up to ride the oar in full. If you don’t like surfing, you can still enjoy many other kite surfers while strolling along the seashore.

It doesn’t matter if you are a good photographer or not; don’t forget to take a random click. Most likely, you will have a successful time of the day. Skiing, boating, windsurfing, boating, and much more are excellent marine activities.

Kite Surfing

If you prefer to be in the sand rather than water, beach sports will definitely attract attention, such as soccer or volleyball. Still, if you do not like it, you can help your children make small castles in the sand. In addition, you can increase your level of enjoyment at Dubai Kite Beach with bungee trampolines, climbing parks, and much more. All of these are child-seeking activities.

Those who like to run or walk in the morning, Kite Beach, have found an impressive 14 Km track that can let you check your endurance. If you wish to sit on the sand with bare feet, try to look longer. If you are lucky enough and the weather is lovely with a clear sky, you can enjoy the amazing Burj Al Arab. For the locals, it’s a comeback over the weekend to fight the summer heat.

Going a little farther, you will see food trucks accompanying small shops with delicious and delicious restaurants and delicacies. Alternatively, you can simply enjoy a delicious meal or get bitten quickly while walking along the beach. Try not to waste food and avoid polluting the environment.

Where is Kite Beach Dubai?

Mainly located near the Jumeirah highway with many water activities for everyone who likes to put all his expertise to stroke. For decades, the beach has been recognized as one of Dubai’s most popular tourist attractions.

How to access Kite Beach Dubai

Once you know what a sea kite is in Dubai, you should now be thinking about how to get there. You need to follow the tips given below to get to Kite Beach of Dubai International Airport.

By Metro, Line 88 Bus

First, you have to transfer to Airport Terminal 3. Take the Red Line to Al Jafiliya in 10 to 15 minutes. Start walking to Al Jafiliya Seaside Metro Station and board the Line 88 bus. Stay at Majlis Al Ghoreifa. By bus, you can reach 26 minutes. And if you go down to Majlis Al Ghoreifa, you have to walk for about 12 minutes, and you will arrive in Kite Beach Dubai. For Desert Safari Dubai you can contact us 24/7.


Yes, you now know about the many activities of Kite Beach Dubai. So, you can really enjoy your trip to Kite Beach. Don’t wait any longer and be prepared.

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