In the Emirates region, the best kind of parks in Dubai and reservations like Disneyland. You can make many beautiful memories with your friends or family on a trip to Dubai. So, do you have any idea, how to access Dubai’s parks and theme parks?

Do you know the most beautiful park in Dubai? Legoland Dubai Water Park is one of the best places to miss. However, there is much more, let’s take a look at the list given below.

On Sheikh Zared Road, parks and reservations in Dubai in front of Palm Jebel Ali. Get off at the UAE Exchange Station from the Dubai Metro Red Line. From there, you’ll get taxis to France Village at the Taxi Center or VIP Parking. However, it is not just a reservation or park in Dubai.

Top Attractions in Dubai Parks and Resorts
An attractive quotient in Dubai’s parks and parks has more than a hundred indoor and outdoor sports and rides. Once you have purchased Dubai parks and resort tickets, you can find attractions that you have never seen before.

Legoland Dubai
Legoland Dubai Water Park, as I mentioned earlier, is one of the most attractive places in Dubai for seekers of pleasure. You can visit the factory to learn about the manufacturing process of lego bricks. Let your kids enjoy building lego buildings and get a driver’s license to fly a plane, steer a boat, or drive a car. In Legoland Dubai, you can build your way to endless fun.

You will surely have a great day of over 40 LegoLand Dubai park rides, exhibitions, attractions, and construction work. You can say the right place for 2-12 years for children and their families. The factory is a place in Legoland Dubai, where fun begins with family. Check out the lego industry to see how lego bricks are made and visit the BIG Store in the Middle East.

legoland dubai

Lego City

Lego City welcomes you to the coldest place where you can fly without pressure, steer a boat, save a burning building, or obtain a Legoland Dubai Driver’s License.

Thinking is a place for everyone who loves to be in Legoland Dubai Water Park. In this area, you can even build lego robots and Lego racing cars. In the Lego Technic Twister, you will be circling between the great centrifugal forces with pleasure. However, what you need is ongoing courage and resilience.

Next comes the kingdoms, where you need to save your time in this ancient world and beat the dragging drag of Drag through the Lord’s castle. Fun to ride, little knights and princesses can join the Apprentice of Dragon. Those who love this trip will also love the quick wandering around the Merlin Challenge.

Adventure is the best place for new explorers who want to find entertainment in this world. Not just one person but the whole family can go on an exciting underwater submarine adventure. In Wave Racers, Power Ski as it blocks water eruptions and walks through the ancient ruins of the temple to find Pharaoh’s stolen treasure.

Legoland Miniland

In Miniland, you can spend the whole day with your family. Legoland Dubai is a delightful place that brings you the first breath-taking Miniland. The attractive 20 million Lego bricks are used to make this social networking site as it has high visibility and key Dubai landmarks from the Middle East.

Legoland Dubai Miniland

Legoland Dubai Water Park

In Legoland Dubai Water Park, you need to buy entry tickets at all venues. Tickets from Legoland Dubai are not very expensive, but you should buy them with the kids too. Restaurants are The Fried Chicken Co, Caesar & Pasta Buffet, Gogo’s Apple Fries, Scoop-A-Lot, and more. In case you want to shop in Legoland Dubai, go to The Sub Shop, LEGO Friends Shop, King’s Market, and The BIG Shop.


Legoland water park is open from 10 AM – 6 PM from Saturday to Wednesday and 10 AM – 8 AM from Thursday to Friday.

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Quranic Park

Dubai’s brand new attraction, Quraniic Park, is now welcoming visitors from all over the world. Located in Al Khawaneej; The Quran Park is specially designed to show a clear and better education and cultural understanding of Islamic values. This place is beyond its meaning, while it is a wonderful place to visit with families and children. Also, those who want to learn more about the Holy Quran.

Quranic Park Dubai

The park is over 60 hectares, and has two attractive points within the space that give visitors a brilliant glow and insight into various parts of the Holy Quran. For example, the Cave of Wonders and Glasshouse are included in the park’s attractions. In addition to the beautiful landscape of Glass House, scattered throughout the park are thriving plants, flowers, trees, and fruit trees.

Orchards are found in many parts of the park; however, you need to be aware of signs signed with Arabic gold calligraphy that can point you in the right direction. In the park, One Coffee House also has an old cafe full of staff to serve coffee, desserts and chocolates.

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Dubai Butterfly Garden

The butterfly park is a new addition, also known as the Daily Miracle Garden. The world’s largest butterfly garden has 15,000 butterflies of some 26 species. The butterfly garden in Dubai is an indoor garden and has ten reasons that win your heart.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Dubai Butterfly Garden

The landscape gives you the opportunity to see some of the magnificent butterflies, and it offers you a glimpse of their landscape. It’s a great feeling for everyone when you know how butterflies grow in each stage.

There are many helpers you can use to communicate with butterflies, and you can also catch good times with butterflies. It is a great place to visit while traveling with your children.

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Dubai Zoo

The Dubai zoo is located next to the famous Burj Al Arab hotel in the beautiful region of Jumeirah. It is the source of a wide variety of exotic animals that live on the land of the vast green garden, founded in 1967.

It now has the first and most beautiful zoo label, not only in the United Arab Emirates but throughout the Arabian Peninsula. When the district was taken over by the city government, the Daily Zoo gained public office in 1972. The Daily Zoo occupies 2 hectares of land.

Dubai Zoo

Dubai Zoo

The zoo is clean, tidy and shady. In short, the Daily Zoo is operational and is one of the top zoos in the world.

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Mushrif Park

In 1982, Dubai Municipality opened the Musrif Park community, covering an area of 5.25 square kilometers east of the city of Deira. From Dubai city center on the runway, it is 15kms away, leading to the Kawaneej area. An international village is located in Musrif Park, which contains 13 models of Arab and English houses.



Recreational services are included in the park, such as barbecue, electronic games, pool services, hiking trails, children’s playground, basketball court, volleyball and handball and prayer rooms, walking and bike tracks, cafes, theater, venues greenery, camel / horse riding, restaurants, train services, and plenty of space for those who need special attention.

Al Safa Park

Do you want peace?

Why not visit Al Safa Park? It is one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai and is a leafy downtown area. Although the park is limited due to the sheer urgency of Sheikh Zared Road, the park has a full distance from disrupting the life of Dubai.

People looking for a quiet place came here to read books in special gardens, and runners came running around the track. Here you can enjoy soccer games and barbecues. Al Safa Park is a great picnic spot. Although the natives are often found in the park’s sports facilities, which include basketball courts, tennis and the park is full of life for all new visitors.

Al Safa Park

Al Safa Park

You will surely find a wide variety of nations coming to this green point to experience the beautiful scenes of Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Water Canal.

For just a few Dirhams, you need to rent a bike to explore the park. Even you can enjoy a quiet afternoon. Families often visit Al Safa Park to make their picnic memorable. They use barbecue settings on the edge of the park and enjoy their vacation.

Al Barsha Pond Park

It is one of the smallest parks in Dubai. Of course, don’t think that its combined size can’t make you enjoy your trip. There is so much more to keep you entertained while visiting there. You will see the man-made central pool in the park.

Beginners can enjoy a 1.5-mile running track along the bike path. Both routes circled the lake. Next up are basketball courts, bike rentals, gym equipment, children’s playground, rowing boats for rent, and bouncy castles.

Al Barsha Pond Park

Al Barsha Pond Park

If you want to exercise, you can do even worse than the usual trouble of Al Barsha Pond park. Apart from that, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and football courts also exist. All can be easily booked at the site office.

Don’t worry, there’s a picnic area, highlighted in green, and Al Barsha Pond Park delivers a guarantee. In the urban setting, the lush green space of the wide Barsha, has many trees and flowers, palms of the new days, a beautiful fountain, and some children’s rides.


Don’t think that this is the only attraction of Dubai. There are many picnic areas in Dubai

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