Things to do in Dubai.

Dubai is known for its bustling businesses, colorful nightlife, and breathtaking buildings. This majestic city is nestled in the middle of the Arabian desert, surrounded on one side by dry sand and scorching sun, and on the other, by the vast waters of miles of beautiful Persian Gulf.

The city is full of life, proving to be an oasis amidst dunes, gravel, and waves. At the Open Holiday in Dubai Festival City, you can stay directly in Dubai and experience stunning views of the modern and historic city. We’ve picked out the top 15 things to choose from in and around Dubai, so you can focus on your unforgettable escape.

It is ranked sixteenth at the listing of the top 20 maximum crucial towns inside the international for the ultra-wealthy, hailed as one of the fastest-growing cities.

With all-12 months-spherical sunshine, barren region, seductive seashores, extravagant hotels, buying malls, and rich heritage points of interest, Dubai receives millions of amusement and commercial enterprise site visitors every year from around the arena. Those site visitors can advantage of various offerings and a local infrastructure that helps make any journey to Dubai smooth and problem-unfastened. Take a glance to find out and discover the best things to do in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

The tallest construction on the earth

location: Access from Dubai mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

One of the masterpieces of Dubai, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, 3 times tall as the Eiffel tower and almost twice as tall because of the empire state building. It is also one of the maximum visited tourist destinations inside the world with the lovely and seductive skyscraper, welcoming hundreds of thousands of tourists each yr. A journey as much as the remark deck is incredibly stunning, with its panoramic and scenic views of Dubai, it’s a sightseeing highlight for most of the travelers who visited.

Things to do in Dubai - Burj Khalifa

How to be there?

Traveling by means of Dubai metro, take the redline to Burj khalifa station. From in which you may take the f-thirteen bus and get off at the following prevent, which is the Dubai mall bus prevent. To use the metro facilities, you must have nol card, to be had over the counter in all metro stations. Our recommendations are to shop for the silver nol card for AED 20 (together with the stability of AED 14 inside). You don’t need to show documents to shop for.

Burj Al Arab

The handiest 7-megastar hotel in the global

location: Access from Jumeirah street, umm suqeim three – Dubai

The Burj al Arab is generally voted as one of the most highly-priced hotels international & must activities in Dubai. The lodge is globally renowned as it is the 1/3 tallest resort in the international and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Dubai making it a popular traveler sight-seeing vacation spot. Burj al Arab stands on a synthetic island 280 m (920 feet.) from Jumeirah beach and is hooked up to the mainland by way of a private curving bridge. The form of the structure is designed to imitate the sail of a ship. It has a helipad near the roof at a top of 210 m (689 toes.) above the floor.

The building will become an iconic and symbolic announcement for Dubai, which is very comparable symbolic to Sydney with its opera house, London with big ben, or Paris with the Eiffel tower. And yes, they may be efficaciously placed the name of Burj al-Arab synonymous with the call of the united states.

For the visitor that desires to visit and witness the Burj al-Arab, the tourist gets admission to point of Burj al-Arab is open and free to the general public you may go to and take an image at the grand gate front of the lodge. Room specifications. The collection of duplex suites ranges from one hundred seventy rectangular meters (1,830 square ft) to a fantastic 780 square meters (8,396 rectangular ft).

Things to Do in Dubai - Burj al Arab

How to be there?

Taking a cab is the very best choice to pass Burj al-Arab, it’s very famous to all cab drivers they even know some minutiae about the Burj al-Arab, just inform them that you need to head Burj al-Arab and they may drop you there at the grand gate entrance of the hotel. The journey will price you around 50 aed it depends on how a ways your area.

Mall of Emirates

A visit to the Mall of Emirates is a must see in Dubai, home to a ski resort, a cinema building and more than 630 world-class products. Just stand up, eat, and walk under the glorious Fashion Dome. With its steel roof reminiscent of European railways, brands like Chanel, Apple, Missoni, and Burberry, to name just a few. on the ground

things to do in dubai - Mall of Emirates

downstairs, something is happening all the time, from fashion shows to family plans. If you feel like a vacation from shopping, check out any of the attractions available on the site. Popular attractions include Magic Planet, Ski Dubai, and DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theater & Arts Center). Apart from that, there is a large VOX cinema building as well.

Dubai Frame

Be prepared to take a selfie from the world’s largest photo frame, located in Dubai. Dubai already has a lot of interesting points, and it adds to the amazing atmosphere as the Dubai Frame is a great achievement of engineering. In January 2018, Zabeel Park overlooking the Daily Independence opened with attractive signs not only for the locals but also for residents and visitors after their visit.

Dubai Frame

You can have a 360 experience with detailed panoramic views. You can view each part of the city from a height of 150m. The fullness of Dubai can be seen with 360 degrees of Frame point. Not only this, but you can boldly step into a glass bridge. Are you scared? Don’t be like that.

Jumeirah Beach

After a full renovation, Jumeirah Beach is now open. With a design as intertwined as the waves, the first hotel in Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful and fast-moving buildings in Dubai. Yes, it continues to be a favorite for generations.

Heartfelt and personal, timeless entertainment, found in one of the most impressive beaches in the region, is the archetype of coastal nostalgia. You can find a comfortable comfort that accepts easy-hearted escape escapes from fond memories. It is a place where the ocean breeze blows and laughter in the air.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah’s famous service will make your next holiday sound like your first. Is it not fun to try all these things to do in Dubai at least once during your visit? After all, it is a good opportunity to soothe your senses completely.

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Dubai Museum

You should add Dubai Museum to your to-do list in Dubai. By visiting the Dubai Museum, you can discover exciting three-dimensional scenes and informative historical exhibitions. Al Fahidi Fort is one of the oldest buildings in the city, and it is a place to visit to experience the ancient Dubai. It was built in 1787, and there the fort was an independent center with a strong defense force and a prison and artillery. Before being restored to the rule of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum.
Dubai Museum
In the same year 1971, the United Arab Emirates was built, and the castle was renovated as a Dubai Museum. You can look at the daily life of Dubai’s history and real heritage before the discovery of oil. Exhibitions play a major role in restoring the most iconic local homes, socks, deserts, temples, date farms, and aquatic life.

The Dubai Fountain

Dubai is home to the largest choreograph dance water fountain in the world. Dubai Fountain Raise water in the sky to sync with a variety of music. It performs every day with afternoon and evening performances that take place every 30 minutes. With circles of five different sizes, the fountain is 900 feet long and can hold water up to 500 feet. Must see at night.

Desert Safari Dubai Sand Land

One of the first-class attractions in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai revel in the best outdoors interest inside the sandland in the night in this 6-hour excursion from Dubai. Following a 4×4 Dune Bashing, spend time at a bedouin-fashion camp, taking part in pursuance along with sandboarding, camel riding, and different entertainments. Your journey includes a barbecue buffet dinner with stay divergent stomach dancing, fire dancing, and whirling ‘tanoura’ applications. Get a henna tattoo and get dressed in Arabic dress for a memorial photograph, unlimited sodas, water, tea, and coffee.

desert safari

Hundreds of thousands of travelers go to Dubai each year to experience the indulgence of the Arabian barren region. In case you are an adrenaline junkie. Well, this tour will let you sense the interesting activities inside the desolate tract. In Desert Safari Tour the Dune bashing or the off-roading within the desert, camel riding, quad biking, horse riding, sand boarding, interact with the wonderful falcon and entertain with the stomach dancing, fire dancing, tanoura dance, and extra, this is a few activities so one can make you glad to go to the wilderness of Dubai.

Tip: in case you want to have this kind of thrilling tour simply book ahead of time or earlier than the date of the excursion so that you can get some early bookings promotional charges.

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On floating cruise in Dubai marina

The skyscraper of Dubai may additionally give you the famous skyline view from up to high, however, the most iconic Dubai views are nevertheless taken from the water. Dubai marina divides the metropolis, and the best manner to enjoy Dubai marina waterways. Have romantic dinner at the Dhow Cruise and be notable to their live amusement indicates like the conventional tanoura dance, puppet show, and extra at the same time as cruising between the water of Deira and bur Dubai. This excursion is another have to things to do in Dubai list for every visitor.

Dhow Cruise Marina


Miracle Garden

Here comes another interesting activity that you can do while enjoying other things. In the Garden of Miracles, you can see flowers as far as your eyes can see. At Dubai Miracle Garden, a planet of blossoming wonders awaits you. It is located in Al Barsha South, a 72,000 sqm field exhibiting intricate flower-covered structures.

You can immerse yourself here, among the 50 million flowering flowers in various exhibitions. You can see many interesting things, including some unique buildings. From the heart-shaped route, the pyramids, and the full-size houses are just some of the views offered.

Miracle Garden

The flowers are carefully cared for by a group of specialist gardeners and vegetable keepers, so they can display the flowers to the best of their ability by visiting all. Besides the many exhibits, you can find the Guinness World Record of the world’s largest flower arrangements. You will not miss the view of Dubai’s Miracle Garden as it is one of the best things you can do in Dubai. Here you will also see the floral type of Airbus A380 superjumbo aircraft made entirely of flowers. Another great thing to see is the Butterfly Garden with 15,000 butterflies in nine custom-made houses. You need to make sure you spend most of your time enjoying this Miracle.

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Camel Ride in Dubai

In Dubai’s to-do list, camel riding is added, as is the last hobby. It is an activity not only for adults, and children can also enjoy riding on these magnificent creatures. No doubt everyone will find it enjoyable to be so high and low. While many people find deserts as completely barren, you can also view rare wildlife such as Arabian oryxes and female species.

Camel Ride In Dubai

At the venue, your tour guides will explain what to do and what not to do with the camels riding on you. They will make sure your ride is smooth and hassle-free. Visitors are often afraid of camels, but there is nothing to be afraid of, because camels are quiet animals and you will enjoy camel riding in Dubai. You just have to sit down and enjoy the view.

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Sand Boarding in Dubai Desert

Sand boarding in Dubai is known as one of the most sought after adventure games in the city. As it unfolded in the great deserts surrounding the Daily, Sand Boarding gained immense popularity and became a must-have for anyone visiting the city. The proliferation of sand dunes with huge holes and slopes has helped to establish Dubai as a place for a variety of wilderness adventure games.
Sand Boarding in the Dubai Desert
If you are a foreigner or a local from Dubai looking for sand boarding, then you are in the right place. With us, you can have the full meaning of getting the best experience of Dubai Sandboarding.

Quad Biking

The to-do list in Dubai is not yet complete. Riding a Quad bike is a fun four-wheeled experience that often takes place in the outdoors. The excitement of riding a big bike in amazing places without borders is unparalleled. Riding a Quad bike in Dubai raises the level of adventure by wild hiking in the great desert.
Quad Biking
The all-terrain vehicle (ATV), also known as a quad bike, rides with low-pressure tires, an operator-covered seat, and steering wheel handles. Cycling cycling involves traveling by car to different destinations, in the case of the Dubai desert, at different speeds.
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Aquaventure Waterpark

 You could call it the waterpark of the years. It means everyone is greeted at this Aquaventure Waterpark. Undoubtedly it would be one of the best things you can do in Dubai. You should not forget to list it. If you visit the Aquaventure Waterpark, you will see that it is the largest water park in Dubai and is home to some of the most suitable record records and charms. You can throw away old favorites like the Leap of Faith, a 27.5-meter fall holding a clear tube enclosed by sharks and waves, or try some of the many adrenaline thrush activities, including ziplining around the park.
Aquaventure Waterpark
Alternatively, you can find seaside activities, children’s playgrounds and all ages, and private beaches in this great theme park theme. Atlantis The Palm is close to this park to get the most out of your trip to Dubai. You will see all the slides of the park available for children up to 1.2 meters tall, and the smaller ones can also enjoy the Spashers Play Area for Kids. It has a maze of friendly channels with slides, tubes, and rising frames.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Apart from other things to do in Dubai, do not forget the flow of hot air balloon. The Pristine Dubai Desert is a special hot spot for hot air. Although it is very attractive and full of fun work, so people do not want to miss it. With the world’s only expansion from sky work and riding to mature Land Rovers in the desert, you can have an amazing experience.
Hot Air Ballon Ride
A hot air balloon ride is the ultimate desert adventure where you can have a delicious breakfast at the Heritage camp. Once you have made the memories on the go, you will also want to do this work. Yes, that’s not a big deal, but in a limited time, you can devote all your time to all the things you have to do in Dubai. Now, of course, your hunger for pleasure activities is completely satisfied at this point. Don’t miss out and visit again.
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