Top Rated Attraction places of UAE

 Eid is one of the most famous festivals in the UAE and being a part of this celebration is a wonderful experience. Eid season celebrations spread across the city in malls, shops, homes, and many public places. If you are a shopper, the festive season comes with incredible deals and discounts.


1. Lewa in Abu Dhabi

The Leva Oasis in Abu Dhabi offers a refreshing experience with its scenic backdrop through the desert area, which will amaze you. It is a paradise for adventure lovers. Experience the pleasure of moving and wrapping sand dunes in the desert. Not only that, taste your taste buds with delicious recipes at the 5-star rated Tilal Liva Hotel.

2. Sir Bani Yes Island in Abu Dhabi

Sir Bani Yes Island is located in Abu Dhabi, one of the most amazing and attractive places to visit in the United Arab Emirates on the occasion of Eid. A trip to Sir Bani Yes Island in Abu Dhabi is a must to experience the amazing wildlife reserves of the region.  For those who want to visit Anantara’s amazing Desert Islands Resort & Spa or enjoy a luxurious meal here.

3. Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain

This place in Al Ain City is a great retreat for mountain lovers. The beautiful hill terrain provides a great backdrop that will definitely leave you with your skin. Drive to the second highest peak in the United Arab Emirates, Jebel Hafeet is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike. The 1240 meter high rock peak has many delicious options to taste the local cuisine. Mercury Jebel Hafeet offers a great treatment for your taste buds. Easily accessible by road, you can take everyone along or rent a car to get to this lovely place in the United Arab Emirates.

4. Khor Fakkan in Sharjah

You will be amazed by the amazing beaches at Khor Fakkan. You can also choose to explore the  Shees Park picturesque Wadi Voraya, the best street accessible by 4th wheel drive, 15 km from the main city. Take your smartphone or camera with you as you are committed to many click moments.

5. Khor Khalba in Sharjah

One of the most beautiful places in the UAE you must visit once in your lifetime. The beautiful mangrove forests are kept in a government-protected area and are not accessible to visitors. For bird lovers, it’s heaven for you to see beautiful birds like the socks warbler and the collared kingfisher. Your holiday in Abu Dhabi is a truly memorable place.

6. Falaj al-Mulla in Umm al-Quwain

No matter how many days you spend here, you want more. Ideal for adventure seekers who want to relax in the lush greenery, looking for a low villa in the mountains with some jungle dunes, dune buggies, and sloping red sand dunes. Spend a day The locals warmly welcomed tourists and guests and they were very friendly with nature. One of the places you must visit is a farm trip. One of the best ways to get a sneak peek at the local lifestyle and farming. With weekends in full swing, this is one of the perfect places to get ready for an exciting weekend.

7. Falaj Al Mulla Garden Park in Umm Al Quwain

A great place for a family getaway, Lush Park has great modern amenities such as a swimming pool for kids and children, as well as a special children’s playground, mini grocery, three-wheeler ride, bike rental, and barbecue area huh. If you have a family picnic in mind, this is the place to be from head to toe.

8. Explore the beautiful Gateway near Abu Dhabi

With vacations on the weekends, you may not want to go to crowded places in Abu Dhabi. Instead, you can go to Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, or Fujairah and stay at one of the luxury resorts to revitalize. Each emirate is only a few hour’s drives from the city of Abu Dhabi. Oman is not far away and the capital city Muscat offers a comfortable environment with stunning mountains and beaches. You can also try adventurous activities like snorkeling, rock climbing, hiking, diving, and kite surfing.

9. Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai

One of the best places to relax during the Eid holidays. Located in the Dubai Conservation Area, this amazing resort is home to exotic Arabian wildlife gazelle and Arabian oryx. You can get a glimpse of these amazing animals from the hotel’s Infinity Pool or Sun Deck Riding a camel is one of the most exciting activities you can do. One thing you should never miss.

10. Bob Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai

Located in the great Arabian desert dunes of Dubai, it is known as the ultimate luxury retreat for visitors and guests. Adjacent to Dubai International Endurance City and nestled amidst delicate rolling sand dunes with a natural desert landscape, this low-cost resort offers its guests a traditional desert experience that gives them a rich taste of the culture and heritage of the UAE. Experience the ultimate comfort and entertainment at this beautiful desert resort that is steeped in splendor, glamor, and splendor.

11. Desert Safari Dubai Experience

While in Dubai, your journey will be incomplete without the Desert Safari Dubai experience. A desert safari in the United Arab Emirates for one common reason: soft sand, exciting activities in the desert, a dreamy sunset, and dinner at an authentic camp offer the best local and cultural experience you can find anywhere else. Since you may not experience it, when you are planning a trip to Dubai, don’t forget to include a desert safari trip in your bucket list experience.

12. Hatta Mountain Tour

Hatta kayak & Hatta Mountain tour maybe a combo of nature tripping and fun filled adventure. It gives visitors sightseeing of the mysterious scenic great thing about the Hajar Mountains and therefore the charming old Hatta Heritage Villages. Take a dip at the renowned mountain’s famous spring and unwind the luxurious Hatta Wadi. Besides, there are some enjoyable rides like WaterSports like Kayak tour is that the off-road destination for the adventurous discoverers. it might be an ideal trip if you’re looking to explore multiple landscapes together with your thrilling identity. Many travelers travel 150 KM from Dubai to explore the mesmerizing things to try to do in Hatta UAE and collect numerous meaningful memories.


Hatta mountain area is right for trekking and hiking, through the foothills of the mountains. subsequent steps are going to be considered on pebbly roads via 4X4 and with the experts to find out everything you would like to understand about the Hatta mountain. Also, our licensed professional drivers ensure your safety throughout the journey. During this adventurous drive, you’ll be taken to Hatta Fort Hotel. This place may be a perfect pick for breakfast or lunch, where you’ll have your menu to settle on.

 After enjoying the scenic views, it’s time to relish some water-based fun. you’ll be taken towards Hatta Water Dam. To cherish this fun, hire a pedal boat or Kayak or book a tour boat with a driver across the azure surface. Discover the stunning places while cruising.

 Hatta UAE tour will allow you to enjoy a more laid-back pace of life and therefore the majestic natural scenery than the large cities of the UAE. during this Hatta tour, there are more opportunities for thrill enthusiasts like Hatta wadi Hub, swimming, snorkeling, and therefore the adventurous cargo ship ride. So don’t miss a golden chance to relish an epic outdoor adventure in Dubai.

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