Dhow Cruise Creek dinner in traditional wooden ships used for maritime trade. These ships have a high historical significance as they had to be used for so long that their origins are lost in history. Many historians say that it began between 600 BC and 600 AD. In Kerala, there is an excellent number of coir cords, logs, and skilled carpenters; which is why Yemenis and Omanis often visit this area. Dhows made a trade trip to this day. Their most common possessions are days and fish.

The dhow was used historically for the purpose of navigating the interior of the Red Sea and hence the Indian Ocean. Dubai can be a place known traditionally and as a modern architect. If you are a first-time visitor to Dubai, you will wish you had moved away from the machine to travel for a long time. Dhow Cruise Dubai is now one of the easiest ways to enjoy your trip. it is a unique tourist experience and an opportunity to be seen in the distant culture of the city.

If you would like to spend quality time with your loved ones, Dhow Cruise Dubai is the most exciting job. You should not forget to experience a different attraction even if it is not your first visit. After enjoying the whole day, now is the time to enjoy the Dhow Cruise Creek Dinner in Dubai. Dhow Ferry has organized an outstanding dinner and live entertainment. Dows Cruise dinner has become an important ingredient that enhances the taste of your visit to Dubai. you will always enjoy it.

Dhow Cruise Creek Overview

No matter what the reason when you are in Dubai, you want to not forget to hear Door Cruise Dubai Creek. in this exciting activity, you will enjoy the fun of Arabian Nights while on a wooden boat. Your visit to Dubai is the perfect idea of enjoying the attractions you can only dream of. While at Dubai Creek, you will add to the pleasure of drinking your favorite tea or coffee.
Sitting on this typical wooden boat allows you to, enjoy emphasizing scenes throughout your journey. At night, you will enjoy the live performance of Tanoura dance again as a puppet show.



Booking must be within or more than 6 hours in advance.
Trip cancellation on the same day of the tour date, 100% Cancellation Charges will apply.
Trip reschedule 24 hours before tour date; No Cancellation Charges will apply.
Under 3 years old child free of charge, up to 3 years old are charged same as the adult.

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