Morning desert safari Dubai is something that moves the mind, and it is even more important when seeing the beauty and charm of the desert in the morning. There is something magical about dawn in the desert and it gives you amazing. On your Dubai tour, never miss the opportunity to go on a spectacular Morning desert safari that awaits you with all its energy and grace. Here you can see that they are lost in Wonderland, which is made up of a vast sea of ​​golden shiny sand and huge dunes. Everything here feels very appropriate. If you want to spend your journey in a quiet and quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should not miss the Morning Desert Safari.


Morning Desert Safari Overview

We have created customized packages for all our customers. We like to design our packages keeping in mind the needs of the customers. For those who don’t like to travel on desert safaris at night, they can go for a morning desert safari. There are only so many important things that will never miss the opportunity to visit this amazing part of natural beauty. Be sure to visit this mysterious gem in Arabia and we offer you the opportunity to taste this uniqueness of the Dubai Desert.

Dawn in the desert is spectacular, and especially the beauty of the desert sunrise view cannot be described in mere words. Once you depart from the glamorous side of Dubai, you will have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of this area in an epic and refreshing manner. Pickup service is provided to all visitors and your journey to the best work of nature begins. You will soon realize that traveling through empty roads at the same time, but at the same time, traveling in the picturesque desert is life-giving.

Many great and exciting outdoor activities are available to all visitors, including Don Casna, which is of paramount importance. In additional biking, you can also enjoy camel rides, quad biking, hot air balloons, and more. Going to Bedouin-inspired camps gives you the opportunity to learn amazing Arabic culture and traditions.


The clear pulse of the jungle

Never miss a chance to experience the mighty Dubai desert jungle. I’m sure it’s more than just memory. Not only will you be visiting and wandering around such a beautiful place, but you will also be away from your normal life and get a chance to get to know yourself better in all parts of the city.


Things to do on a Morning Desert Safari

The Morning desert safari is no less than an option to entertain its guests. You will not be bored for a single second of your journey. That would be one of the best and most entertaining things you can do here. Here are some good things to do on their morning desert safari trip.


Quad biking on a desert safari in the morning

Under the rising sun, the soft light rays from the previous night and the cool sand give you a good chance to enjoy an exciting quad biking on a desert safari. Experiencing the beauties of the desert while enjoying quad biking is a great option. It can be fun and adventurous at the same time. To get the maximum level of pleasure and excitement, try learning quad biking tricks and do it on your own.


Early Morning Desert Safari View

Doing nothing and standing in the middle of the desert, watching the spectacular and spectacular view of the desert will give you so much joy and happiness. You get enough opportunities to capture the beauties of the desert on your camera. But capturing the charm and awe-inspiring beauty of the desert in photographs is a very challenging task. It’s really challenging.


Camel safari in the morning

How does a desert ship travel? One of the main features of the morning desert safari is the camel ride for visitors who can enjoy a desert ride. A guided ride of the famous desert ships is available to learn how to locate habitats.







  • Exclusive Private 4×4 Vehicle
  • Refreshments – Water & Soft Drinks
  • Horse Ride


  • Pick up Time: 07:00 Hrs – 07:30 Hrs
  • Drop Off Time: 11:00 Hrs – 11:30 Hrs
  • Total Duration: 04:00 Hrs (Approx)


  • Cash Payments – Upon Pick up

Morning Desert Safari Tour

If you ever come to Dubai, the tour remains incomplete if you don’t visit the great Sahara Desert in the form of a desert safari tour. Morning Desert Safari adventure is expensive but the Adventure Desert Dubai team is highly capable of portraying the charm and beauty of the desert. It is such a wonderful experience that everyone who visit it always try to visit it again and again.

We start this Morning Desert Safari Dubai tour arourd 7:30 am from the center of the city and try to give our customers maximum time to spend and enjoy the beautiful spots. More advanced and highly modified 4×4 vehicles pick up our guests from the given location by them like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls or any other well-known parts of the city and start the journey. Our Dubai Desert Safari team is highly capable of arranging and managing fantastical tours.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai deals includes popular highlights like visiting camel farms, dune bashing, etc. We also arrange an awesome tea party which includes tasty snacks and wonderful traditional Arabic coffee to refresh our guests.

Policy for Cancellation

Anyone cancel the booking Dubai Desert Safari after 12:00 PM (before 11:59 pm of Thursday) on the previous day is clearly considered as booked and the charges will be applicable except for Friday. But the customer wants to cancel the booking of Friday than must have to cancel 1 day before (before 11:59 pm of Wednesday). But cancellation for the camp private booking is only allowed 3 weeks before the camping date.

Special Note.

Terms and conditions are applicable. Rates agreement mention above is valid within the specific camping and visiting area. Prices are subjected to change with the response of the Ministry of Municipality and Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority systems and regulations.


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